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(1) Used 5000 Ton Lake Erie Downacting Hydraulic Press (M#9243)

MODEL: 4-Post
Capacity: 5000 Tons
Stroke: 48”
Daylight Opening: 60”
Platen Area: 112” x 112”
Bolster Area: 112”LR x 48”FB
Distance Between Posts: 78”LR x 64”FB
Diameter Of Ram: 67”
Diameter of Posts: 18”

Equipped With:
Rubber Pad Fluid Forming Unit
Top Mounted Hydraulic Power Unit Including:
(1) 60 HP Oilgear Hydraulic Pump #DX-6011 - 880 RPM - 1100 Rated Pressure
(1) 150 HP Oilgear Hydraulic Pump #DX-15025 - 880 RPM - 2500 Rated Pressure
250 HP Toshiba/Houston #B2508VFL480 High Efficiency Induction Drive Motor -
880 RPM - 3/60/460V (Between Pumps)
Main Cylinder Press Gauge
Electrics with On/Off/Semi/Inch/Return/Down Controls

Overall Dimensions: 128”LR x 111”FB @ Feet
Overall Height: 374”
Height Above the Floor: 285” (with bed at floor level)
Approximate Weight: 476,000#

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