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(1) Used 1200 Ton Lauffer Straight Side Hydraulic High Precision Triple Action Deep Draw Press (M#8256)

YEAR: 2002
Total Pressing Force: 1200 Ton
Upper Punch Load: 750 Ton
Upper Punch Stroke: 30”
Slide Clamping Load: 450 Ton
Slide Clamping Area : 78.74” x 78.74”
Bolster Clamping Area: 78.74” x 78.74”
Slide Stroke: 19.69”
Daylight at TDC: 39.37”
Daylight at BDC: 19.69”

Ram Speeds:
Fast Advance: 1180 IPM
Max. Pressing Speed: 130 IPM
Max: Return Speed: 1180 IPM

Blankholder Speeds:
Fast Advance Speed: 1180 IPM
Max. Pressing Speed: 75 IPM
Max. Return Speed: 1139 IPM

Lower Punch Load: 750 Ton
Lower Punch Stroke: 250 mm
Cushion Speeds:
Fast Advance: 614 IPM
Max. Pressing Speed: 66 IPM
Max. Return Speed: 614 IPM

Total Motor HP: 436
Hilma Hydraulic Clamping Package (including 8)
Sliding Clamps
Hydraulic Roll Blocks
Power Pack

NOTE: Upgraded controls and cushion in 2020.

Depth of Pit: 60”
Estimated Weight: 185,000 lbs

Inspect in plant, Under Power