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(1) Used 300 Ton Heim Maxi Stamper Straight Side Double Crank Press (M#11660)

MODEL: S2-300 MS
YEAR: 2001
Serial# H-3939
Capacity: 300 Ton
Stroke Length: 10”
Adjustment: 10”
Shut Height: 32” Over Bolster (SDAU)
Bolster Sixe: 100” lr x 60” fb x 6” thick
Speed: 25 - 50 SPM

Equipped With:
Link Omnilink 5000 Control
Die Protection
Tonnage Monitor
50 HP Motor with AC Frequency Drive (Variable)
Recirculating Lubrication
T-SLots on 6” Centers
Vibro Mounts
Dual Palm Buttons

GA Drawing on File