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(1) Used 20,000# x 48” Wide x .250” Thick Mecon Complete Space Saver Servo Feed Line (M#11631)

MODEL: 200BTJ48 / 200CC-IR-RT / 400FSP48IXHD
Coil weight capacity: 20,000 lb
Coil width capacity: 48" 
Stock thickness capacity: .160" x 48" Wide
Stock thickness capacity: .250" x 18" Wide 

Equipped With:
MECON Coil Reel Un-Coiler Model No. 200BTJ48
Traversing base (adjustable coil center line) 
Four leaf mandrel 
Hydraulic mandrel expansion 
Jog drive for forward and reverse 
Air brake on main spindle 
Self contained hydraulic system 

MECON Traveling Coil Load Car Model No. 200CC-IR-RT
Powered travel with track 
Powered raise / lower 
Adjustable narrow coil supports 

MECON Pinch Roll Station Model No. 6PR48
Coil hold down arm with motorized end wheel 
Pull off pinch rolls for material payout and control 
Backside loop control deflector with guide rollers 

MECON Servo Roll Feed - Straightener Combination Model No. 400FSP48IXHD
Four inch diameter feed rolls 
Pilot release (pneumatic) 
Seven straightening rolls 
Adjustable pass line (motorized) 
Entry threading assist with cascade loop support rollers 
AC Servo drive and controls