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(1) Remanufactured 100 Ton Rousselle Two Point Straight Side Press (M#11619)

Capacity: 100 Ton
Stroke: 4”
Shut Height Over Bed: 14”
Slide Adjustment: 4”, Motorized
Bed Area: 60” L-R x 40” F-B
Slide Area: 59” L-R x 20” F-B, T-Slots
Speed: 65 SPM
Windows: 14” Wide

Equipped With:
Bolster Plate: 3”, T-Slotted
Bed Opening: 45” x 14”
Floor to Top of Bed: 32”
Air Clutch & Brake
Link 5100 MPC
Motor: 10 HP
Lubrication: Automatic Oil
(2) Air Counterbalances
Pedestal Stand
Isolation Mounts

New Solid State Controls (New)
Supervisory Key Selector Switch for Single, Inch, or Continuous Stroke (New)
Operator Station with Dual Run, Stop-On-Top & Emergency Stop Palm Buttons (New)
Cast Frame (Inspected for Cracks)
Air Clutch & Brake (New)
Two-Point Crankshaft Drive System (Inspected-Worn Parts Replaced)
Wrist Pin Connection (Inspected-Worn Parts Replaced)
45 Degree Gibbing (New)
Air Counterbalance System (Inspected-Worn Parts Replaced)
Air Switches for Pneumatic Control (New)
Dual Solenoid Valve (New)
Automatic Lubrication System (New)

Approximate Overall Dimensions: 73” L-R x 60” F-B x 208” High
Estimated Weight: 12,000 Lbs

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