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(1) Remanufactured 300 Ton Rousselle Geared Straight Side Double Crank Press (M#11477)

MODEL: S2-300-100
YEAR: 2022 Reman
***Please Note: Photo Not of Actual Press***


Capacity: 300 Ton
Rated Distance: .250” up on stroke
Drive Type: Geared
Speed: 35 SPM
Stroke: 14”
Bed Size: 96” lr x 48” fb
Bolster Area: 96” lr x 48” fb
Bolster Thickness: 5.875”
Bed Opening: 92” x 20.5”
Slide Area: 96” lr x 48” fb
T-Slit ram face same as bolster
Slide Adjustment: 8” powered
Shut Height Above Bed: 31” (SDAU)
Shut Height Above Bolster: 25.125” (SDAU)
Floor to top of Bed: 36”
Floor to top of Bolster: 42”
Windows: 25” lr x 12” high (starting 12” over bed)
Clutch & Brake: Orlinghaus
Control: (NEW) Link 5100 MPC
Motor: 30 HP
Operator Station: 1 palm station
Lubrication: Automatic
Counter Balance Cylinders: 2
Floor Space: 125” x 100”
Isolator Pads
Approx Overall Height: 179”
Approx Weight: 50,000#

Pedestal Stand: (w/ 15’ cable ) for operator Station: $721.00
Tonnage Monitor: $5,815.00
Light Curtain System (with floor stands) $5,815.00

Delivery: 19 - 20 weeks from receipt of formal PO and down payment

Warranty: 1 year parts and labot. Travel and living expenses not included

Terms: 20% down, balanace prior shipping - FOB Chicago Facility

Drive capacity rated 1/4" above bottom of stroke(Inspected-worn parts replaced) LINK 5100 MPC(New)
Supervisory Key selector switch for single, inch, or continuous stroke(New)
Operator station with dual run, stop-on-top and emergency stop palm buttons(New) Forward/Reverse Feature(New)
All welded steel frame construction(Inspected for cracks)
Air clutch & brake(Inspected-worn parts replaced)
Powered ram adjustment and indicator(Inspected-worn parts replaced)
Two-point crankshaft drive system(Inspected-worn parts replaced)
Air Counterbalance System(Inspected-worn parts replaced)
Dual solenoid valve(Inspected-worn parts replaced)
Ball type adjustable screw with replaceable bronze seat(Inspected-worn parts replaced) Powered slide adjustment with digital position indicator(Inspected-worn parts replaced) Adjustable, full length 8-point square gibbing(Inspected-worn parts replaced) Automatic lubrication system(New)
T-Slotted Bolster
Above floor construction

Press is furnished with an automatic timer controlling centralized system which lubricates all major bearings. The system automatically cycles the lube pump and divides the flow of oil in the correct proportions to each point. The system continuously monitors low oil level and line pressure.

COMBINATION AIR CLUTCH AND BRAKE(Inspected-worn parts replaced):
This press is equipped with a combination air friction clutch and brake. The clutch is mounted on the flywheel for ease of maintenance for replacement of normal wear and items, such as friction plates. The clutch is controlled through a solenoid operated dual air valve. This low inertia combination clutch and brake withstands the stress of frequent starts and stops and is designed for maximum capability and high rotation speed.

The connecting rod is one piece construction with a replaceable high strength bronze bushing. It is bolted to an extension tube with a solid steel threaded nut at the bottom to accept the adjusting screw. The adjusting screw is made of heat treated alloy steel with a specially designed thread for increased strength. The large ball end fits into the replaceable ball seat made of manganese bronze. The entire ball connection and worm adjustment drive is lubricated by an oil bath in the housing.

The eight point square type gibs are extra long to provide greater bearing area. Slide guiding is maintained by the arrangement. All gibs are accurately squared with the press bed and set properly with push/pull screw arrangement. The long gibs keep the slide fully guided within the gibs throughout the stroke minimum to maximum.

GEARING (SPUR TYPE)(Inspected-worn parts replaced):
The steel gears and alloy steel heat treated pinions have machine cut flame hardened spur teeth which improve wear life. The driveshaft runs on anti-friction bearings.

MOTOR AND FLYWHEEL(Inspected-worn parts replaced):
"V" belt motor drive arrangement consists of motor, motor mount, motor sheave, flywheel and belt. Flywheel runs on anti-friction bearings.

MOTORIZED SLIDE ADJUSTMENT(Inspected-worn parts replaced):
The adjustment is powered by an electric motor with a double reduction worm gear drive which serves as a locking devise. The position of the slide adjustment is controlled from the electric panel and monitored with a digital display. The high and low limits are controlled by limit switches.

PNEUMATIC CONTROLS(Inspected-worn parts replaced):
An air manifold assembly located on the press column provides a simple and efficient means of regulating the air supply to the clutch and brake, counterbalance cylinders, and auxiliary equipment such as cushions, pneumatic knockouts and slide overloads. The manifolds with valves, regulators, gauges, switches and shut off are combined into a compact package. Multipurpose rubber hoses are used to make pneumatic connections where necessary. Airlines are affixed to the outside of the structure to their required location.

PRESS CONSTRUCTION(Inspected for cracks):
The press will be of fabricated steel design. The crown, bed and slide are welded steel plate of box type construction and reinforced for strength and rigidity.

SLIDE(Inspected-worn parts replaced):
Wide non-metallic way liners are permanently attached to the gibs and finished machined for accurate guiding and long wear. The "V" gib arrangement allows for adjustment of the slide in front to back and right to left direction. Extra long gibs retain the slide in any position or stroke and adjustment.

Two separately powered dual microprocessors incorporate all the ANSI, OSHA and CSA safety requirements for press control reliability. Controls are housed in a Nema 12 enclosure. The press controller monitors and governs all press functions. The main key lock selector switch has OFF, INCH, SINGLE STROKE, and CONTINUOUS mode of operation. The operator control bar is supplied with two guarded run/inch buttons, emergency stop palm button, and a prior action push button. Control also features a forward/reverse switch, brake monitoring, motion detector, and stroke counter as well as touch screen display for internal and external diagnostics. The microprocessor has ample inputs and outputs along with programmable limit switches for interface of ancillaries.

TWO-POINT CRANKSHAFT DRIVE SYSTEM(Inspected-worn parts replaced): Crankshafts are located within the crown structure. Main gear and drive pinions are spur design. The flywheel and driveshaft run on anti-friction bearings. Crankshafts and connecting rods are provided with high strength renewable bronze bushings. The slide attaches to the shaft with a ductile iron connecting rod, an alloy steel connecting screw and a hardened turned, ground, and polished high strength alloy steel wrist pin.

This proposal is subject to Heim's final confirmation at the time of order placement. Heim reserves the right to change the appearance and components of its machines without notice and obligation to modify equipment previously manufactured. Machines may vary slightly in appearance than those shown in advertisements, leaflets, & brochures.

This press meets ANSI -B11.1 2001 press and electrical standards in accordance with section 4.

Point of operation guarding is the sole responsibility of the user of the machine. The user agrees to provide guarding and hold harmless, indemnify and defend manufacturer and seller if user fails to properly guard the point of operation.

Shut Heights are measured Stroke Down Adjustments Up(S.D.A.U) and measured from the face of the slide to the top of the bed not including the bolster plate. Thickness of bolster plate must be subtracted for open height over bolster plate.