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(1) Used 1760 Ton Sutherland Double Geared Single Point Forging Press (M#11404)

YEAR: 2015
Capacity: 1760 US Tons
Rating Tonnage Point (A.B.C.D.): 0.24”
Stroke Length: 11.81”
Speed: 70 SPM
Die Height on top of bolster (SDAU): 31.5”
Die Height Adjustment: 0.39”
Slide Area: 42.52” lr x 40.94” fb
Slide Hydraulic Ejector: 8.82 US Ton x 1.57” stroke
Bolster Area: 47.24” lr x 47.24” fb
Lower Hydraulic Ejector: 16.53 US Ton x 2.36” stroke
Side Window Opening: 35.43” x 29.53”
Floor Space Required: 169.29” lr x 173.23” fb
Overall Height: 295.28”
Weight (approximate): 286,601 lbs
Main Motor: fixed speed: 147.51 HP 480v/3ph/60cy

Mitsubishi PLC
Seimens Electronics
Color Touch Screen with complete press diagnostics and monitoring system
Motorised Slide Adjustment w/ digital read out
Hydraulic Un-Sticking Device
Oversized Clutch mounted on main gear
Water Cooled Brake
THermal Bearing Sensors w/ temp display on I-PRESS FORGE color touch screen
Tonnage Monitor
Three Station Die lower hydraulic ejector system
Isolation Mounts