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(1) Used 10,000 Lbs x 18” Wide Coe Press Equipment Coil Reel and Straightener (M#11032)

MODEL: CPPS-250-18 / CPR-PO-10018
YEAR: 2003
Coe Press Powered Straightener
s/n: 35869-1

Material Specifications
M.C.R.S. - Max: 0.200” @ 4.00” Wide
M.C.R.S. - Min: 0.020” @ 18” Wide
M.C.R.S. - Max: 0.090” @ 18” Wide

Seven Straightener Rolls
Breaker Roll Diameter: 2.50”
Pinch Roll Diameter: 3.50”
Air Cylinder Bore: 3.3”
Upper Straightener Roll Height Scales and Pointers
Entrance Side Pinch Rolls
Pneumatic Cylinder Raise and Lower of Upper Pinch Rolls
Four Roll Cantenary
Direct Mount Drive System
Remote Jog Pendant for Material Threading

Coe Press Coil Reel
Model: CPR-PO-10018
s/n: 35869-2

Coil Weight Capacity: 10,000 lbs
Coil Width: 18” Wide
Coil O.D.: 72”
Backing Plate: 27”
Coil I.D.: 19.25” - 24.75”
Air Operated Holddown Arm
Three Pad Mandrel Construction Style
Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion
Hydraulic Threading Drive
Air Disc Drag Brake To Prevent Coil Over Run
Hydraulic TravelingCoil Car
Remote Jog Pendant for Material Threading
Right to Left Direction
Payoff Rate: Up to 100 FPM