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(1) Used 400 Ton Komatsu Straight Side Press (M#10984)

MODEL: #E2Q-400
YEAR: 1984
Tons: 400
Stroke: 26”
Shut Height: 50”
Ram Adjustment: 15.75”
Bed: 120” LR x 51”FB
Ram: 120” LR x 47.24”
Strokes Per Minute: 15 - 25 (Variable)
Window Size: 55” Wide
Dimensions: 171” LR x 97” FB
Equipped With:
High Torque Hydraulic Clutch & Brake
Link Drive Motion
Pneumatic Counterbalance
Recirculating Lube System
T-Slotted Ram & Bolster
7.5” Thick Bolster Plate
Automatic Flywheel Brake
Hydraullic Overloadd Protection
Crank Angle Indicator
Load Monitor
Precision Plunger Guide Design
Oil Lubricated Gibs
Hardened and Grould Helical Gears with Splined Connections
Motorized Slide Adjustment from Operator Panel
Hydraulic Slide Lock Mechanism
75 HP Main Vari Speed Motor
Flush Floor Design