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(1) Used 20.5” x .157” Dynamic Products Servo Driven Zig-Zag Roll Feed (M#10818)

YEAR: 2010

S/N: 17-20050
Year: 2010
Model: DXY/EV 12/250 AG
Maximum Stock Width: 20.50”
Maximum Stock Thickness: 0.157”
Maximum Y-Axis Travel: 12”
Maximum Cross Section: 1.55 Sq. Inch
Feed Line Height Adjustment: +/- 2.96”
Feed Repeatability Accuracy: +/- 0.004”


Voltage: 480V /3 Phase / 60Hz
Automatic calculation of X and Y moves
Easy setup and job memory
On-the-fly adjustment of the web width and material pattern offset
Quick ROI based on material and coil handling savings
Modem equipped for remote analysis and modifications
Precision ball screw drive “Y” Axis
Direct “Y” Axis coupling ball screw and motor
Low Profile, small envelope, good access, low maintenance
Adjustable entry stock guides
Hardened precision ground steel feed rolls
Catenary Roll Assembly
All controls mounted in free standing operator’s console
Brushless AC Servo Motor Drives
Microprocessor based motion control
Jog pendant for threading
Can be used to punch 1-out or multiple-out patterns
Delivers material in a simultaneous X/Y movement - for high speed operations

Pilot Release System - upper feed roll is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder to release stock on command from press programmable limit switch (PLS) for pilot positioning of the strip in the die or camber compensation tracking.

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