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(1) Used 300 Ton Bliss #SC2-300-96-54 Straight Side Press (M#10675)

MODEL: #SC2-300-96-54
YEAR: 1994
Serial Number: H-71399
Capacity: 300 Tons
Stroke: 10”
Shut Height: 40” SDAU over Bed
Slide Adjustment: 12”
Bed & Slide: 96” L-R x 54” F-B
Bolster Thickness: 7”
Speeds: 10 - 60 SPM (Variable)
Windows: 34” wide x 20” high

Equipped With:
Bolster Plate: 96” x 54” x 7” Thick (T-slotted)
Slide: T-Slotted
Main Drive Motor: 60 HP
Air Clutch & Brake
Air Counterbalances
Floor Standing Design
Operator Control Station

Drawings Available Upon Request. The press is currently disassembled and stored in Ferndale, Michigan and Lansing, Michigan.

View video of press running when it was last in service.

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