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(1) Remanufactured 60 Ton Minster P2-60 “Piecemaker” Straight Side High Production Press (M#10501)

MODEL: P2-60-36
YEAR: 2019
Serial Number: 18467
Capacity: 60 Tons
Stroke: 2”
Slide Adjustment: 3”
Shut Height: 17” Over Bed
Bed Size: 36” L-R x 25” F-B
Speeds: 125 - 375 SPM Variable
Air Clutch & Brake
Air Counterbalances

Scope Of Work:
Completely disassembled
Needle gunned, debuted, and primed
New main bearings fit and installed
All new perishables in clutch / brake
Skim cut all reaction plates
Rebuilt counterbalances with new top covers
Machined crank with direct drive resolver arrangement
Rebuilt slide assembly
New connection bushings
New saddle bearings
Reset SA sleeve clearances
All new worm shaft and seals
New lube motor and lubrication system
New lines thru pneumatic system
New pneumatic manifold
All new manufacturer plates and warning tags
Eddy current drive motor
Painted to vista green

Ready for New Wintriss Control. Other Control Options Available.
6 month warranty from shipment date.