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(1) Used 330 Ton Sutherland Straight Side Double Crank Press (M#10422)

MODEL: SP2-D300-120-60
YEAR: 2000
Serial Number: F-1386 730114
Capacity: 330 Ton @ .5” Above Bottom
Stroke: 12”
Shut Height Over Bolster: 30” S.D.A.U.
Slide Adjustment: 10”
Bed Area: 120” L-R x 60” F-B
Slide Area: 120” L-R x 60” F-B
Bolster Plate: 120” L-R x 60” F-B x 7.6” Thick
Speed: 30-60 SPM
Windows: 40” Wide

Equipped With:
T-Slotted Slide & Bolster on 6” Centers
Free Standing Control Console
Air Clutch & Brake
Wintriss SmartPac 2
8-Point Gibbing
Recirculating Lube System
Palm Buttons
Floor Standing Design

Crown Rebuilt In 2019
Remanufactured Gear Box Including New Gear & Reworking The Clutch & Brake.
New Upgraded Locking Devices On Couplers To Crankshafts
Retimed The Press
Cleaned and Polished the Crankshafts
Refit Main Bearings
Full Inspection On Crown
Checked For Cracks - None Found
Offered with 6 month warranty on the torque box and clutch work.

Approximate Overall Dimensions: 174” L-R x 96” F-B x 236” Above Floor
Estimated Weight: 165,000 Lbs

Also Available At Additional Cost - Linear Transfer System

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