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(1) Used 150 Ton Minster Piece-Maker Reconditioned Straight Side Press (M#10252)

MODEL: P2-150-54
YEAR: 1978
Serial Number: P2-150-23199
Capacity: 150 Ton
Stroke: 6”
Shut Height On Bed: 23” (SDAU)
Slide Adjustment: 4”
Bed Size: 54” L-R x 40” F-B
Speeds: 45 - 90 SPM
Windows: 20” wide x 17” tall

Equipped With:
Air Clutch & Brake
Free Standing Control Console
Bolster Plate

Reconditioning Scope of work done:

Slide Rebuild
New saddles, worm shaft seals and bearings
Re-machined slide to re-square
Re-machined SA collars to set SA nut clearance
Ground slide adjustment nuts flat and parallel
Reset all main and auxiliary gibbs

Clutch Rebuild
New seals, studs, nuts, dump valve
Re-machined all driven plates
Refurbished all linings
Set OEM clearance

New Pnuematic System
(2) New Regulators
New lox valve
New piping as required

Lube System
New pump
Upgraded spin on folder system
Replaced all orifices

New electrostatic enamel paint

We are including a warranty on all work done !!!

Inspect under power - Immediate delivery !!!

Approximate Dimensions: 115” L-R x 82” F-B x 163” High
Approximate Weight: 55,000 lbs