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(1) Used 71 Ton Minster Flywheel Precision Straight Side Press (M#10094)

MODEL: #P2H-63-39x24FW
YEAR: 2002
Serial Number: P2H-63-30133
Drive Arrangement: Flywheel Drive

Capacity off Bottom: 71 Tons @.063 inches
Stroke: 2.95”
Adjustment of Shut Height: 2.95”
Shut Height: 17.50” (SDAU) Over Bed
Bed Area: 39.4” L-R x 24.8” F-B
Opening in Bed: 39” L-R x 9” F-B
Bed Deflection @ 67% of Die Area: .0005”/ft
Slide Area: 40” L-R x 25” F-B
Speeds: 100 to 250 SPM (Variable)
Upright Passline Opening (Window): 13.1 F-B
Crankshaft Extension Length: 3.6”
Distance Mount to top of Bed: 39.2”
Automatic Lubrication
Minster Production Management Press Control

Press Reconditioned - 6 Month Mechanical Warranty including:
Rebuilt Clutch & Brake
New Slide Piston Seals
New Guide Post Seals
Rebuilt Quick Lift
Reworked Minster Feeder
New Windows in Die Doors

Approximate Floor Area: 92.3 L-R x 64.5” F-B
Approximate Overall Height: 140”
Approximate Weight: 26,000#