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Fabricating and Steel Processing

(1) Used 4000 Watt Koike Lasertex Gantry Type Laser Cutting System (M#9443)
(1) Used Amada Model CWS-250 10 Guage Hydraulic Notcher (M#10567)
(1) Used 20 Ton Positech C20 Lamination Notching Press (M#10941)
Oven / Batch
(1) Used Standard Fuel Engineering Direct Fired Annealing / Forge Furnace (M#11085)
(1) Used Kiln Oven (M#11119)
Press Brake
(1) Used 20 Ton Wysong Hydraulic Press Brake (M#9794)
(1) Used 55 Ton x 6’ Pacific Hydraulic Press Brake w/ Hurco AutoBend5 CNC Back Guage (M#10729)
(1) Used 60 Ton Chicago Dries & Krump Mechanical Press Brake (M#9796)
(1) Used 90 Ton x 13’6” Cincinnati Form Master CNC Hydraulic Press Brake w/ Horns (M#8796)
(1) Used 138 Ton x 10’ Amada CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (M#10327)
(1) Used 165 Ton x 10’ Pacific CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (M#9037)
(1) Used 300 Ton x 16’ Cincinnati Hydraulic Press Brake (M#10116)
(1) Used 400 Ton x 24’ Pacific Hydraulic Press Brake (M#9617)
Punch / Shear, Ironworker
(1) Used 70 Ton Ironcrafter Ironworker (M#10270)
(1) Pre Owned Peddinghaus Model 210A/16 Ironworker (M#10284)
Rolls, Plate Bending
(1) Used 12’2” Wide x 1/2” Webb Initial Type Bending Roll (M#11191)
Saws, Band, Horizonatal
(1) Used Rockwell Mitre Table Saw (M#11109)
(1) Used Wellsaw Horizontal Band Saw (M#11254)
Saws, Band, Vertical
(1) Used HEM Model VT125-HA-1 Vertical Auto-Mitering Band Saw (M#10258)
(1) Used 6’ x 1/2” Thick Fata High Speed Shear (M#8387)
(1) Used 6’ x 5mm LVD Hydraulic Shear (M#10177)
(1) Used TennSmith 16 Ga Notcher (M#11229)
(1) Used 10’ x 1/4” Amada Mechanical Power Squaring Shear (M#10566)
(1) Used 16’ x 3/8” Pacific Hydraulic Shear (M#10496)
(1) Used 55 KVA Spot Welder (M#11110)