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(2) NEW 440 Ton Sutherland Straight Side Double Crank Presses (M#9408)

MODEL: SP2-440-120-60
Frame Type: Tie Rod Construction
Press Type: Double Point Straight Side
Drive Style: Counter Rotating Gears in Oil Bath
Frame Rigidity (0.001” Deflection Per Foot / Full Load Over 2/3rds Die Area)

Capacity: 440 US Tons (400 metric tons)
Stroke Length: 12”
Speed: 20 - 40 Strokes Per Minute
Rating Point (above bottom dead center): 0.51”
Die Height on Top of Bolster (SDAU): 24”
Die Height Adjustment (with motorized digital readout): 10”
Slide Area (L-R x F-B / JIC T Slots on 6” Centers): 120” x 60”
Bolster Area (L-R x F-B / JIC T Slots on 6” Centers): 120” x 60”
Bolster Thickness: 8.7”
Side Window Opening: 51.2” x 27.6”
Floor to Top of Bolster (including isolators): 49.2”
Floor Space Required: 173.2” x 124”

Overall Height (not including isolator mounts): 228”
Weight (approximate): 154,000 lbs

Main Motor (variable speed / VDF / 480 volts): 60 HP
Slide Adjustment (motorized): 7.5 HP
Air Pressure Required: 80 psi
Air Counter Balance Capacity: 11,000 lbs
I-Press AB Plus Control Package
One press has a Wet Clutch
One press has a Dry Clutch

Warranty: 3-2-1 warranty
Accuracy (report in each press manual) CNS 1st & JIS 1st
Documentation: ISO 9000-01-02

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