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(1) NEW 50 Ton Sutherland Mark 50-2 Single Point Gap Frame Press (M#9286)

MODEL: Mark 50-2
Capacity: 50 U. S. Ton
Stroke Length: 3.15”
Speed: 40 - 100 SPM Variable
Rating Point A.B.D.C. (Above bottom dead center): 0.13”
Die Height on Top of Bolster S.D.A.U. (Stroke down adjustment up): 9.84”
Die Height Adjustment (Manual on 50 Ton & Down): 2.36”
Slide Area (JIC T-Slots on 6” Centers): 15.75” LR x 11.81” FB
Bolster Area (JIC T-Slots on 6” Centers): 33.46” LR x 17.32” FB
Bolster Thickness: 3.15”
Floor to Bolster (Not including isolation mounts): 31.30”
Floor Space Required (approximate): 37.40” x 62.20”
Overall Height (Not including isolation mounts)(approximate): 96.46”
Weight (approximate): 7,778 lbs
Main Motor (variable speed): 5 HP
Slide Adjustment: Manual Locking Device: N/A
Air Pressure Required: 72 psi
Air Counter Balance Capacity (Adjustable @ aircenter / twin ACB): 916 lbs

Capacity: 3 U. S. Ton
Stroke Length: 1.97”
Cushion Area: 11.81” LR x 9.06” FB

Warranty: 3-2-1 Year
Accuracy (report in each press manual): CNS 1st & JIS 1st
Documentation: ISO 9000-01-02
Start Up and Training Incluced
Preventative Maintenance Programs Optional

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