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(1) Used JPW Design & Mfg Industrial Walk-In Oven (M#10550)

YEAR: 2012
Materials of Construction
Interior: Aluminized Steel (18 GA Liner)
Exterior: Cold Rolled Steel, Primed & Painted Slate Gray
Insulation: 4.5” Thick of #8 lb Fireproof, Non-Asbestos, Non-Settling Insulation

Operating Parameters
Capacity: 216 Cubic Feet
Shipping Weight: 5,000 lbs approximatley
Temperature Range: 650 Degree F Maximum
Operating Temperature: Ambient to 650 Degree F
Recirculation Airflow: Approx. 4800 C.F.M.
Electrical: 480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 HZ, 75 KW
Internal Dimensions: 72” x 72” x 72” Work Space

NFPA 86 Class B Ovens Are Heat Utilization Equipment Operating At Approximately Atmospheric Pressure Wherein There Are No Flammable Volatiles Or Combustible Material Being Heated

Equipped With:
Control & Junction Box
Duct Walls
30” Diameter Circulation Fan / Horizontal Air Flow
3 HP Circulation Motor
(30) 2500 Watt Heater
300 CFM Exhaust Package
.188” Thick Plate Floor / Stainless Steel
Yokogawa UT 150 Temperature Controller & High Limit Controller
Oven Off/On Switch
Heat Off/On Switch
6” Intake / Intake Damper
Batch Timer

Overall Dimensions: 107” L-R x 126” F-B x 85” Tall
Estimated Shipping Weight: 5,000 lbs