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(1) Used 200 Ton Niagara Straight Side Double Crank Press (M#10533)

MODEL: BP2-200-72-36
YEAR: 1978
S/N: 49866
Capacity: 200 Ton
Stroke: 10”
Shut Height: 28”
Slide Adjustment: 10”
Bed Area: 72” L-R x 36” F-B
Speed: 40-80 SPM
Windows: 21” Wide x 22” High
Floor to Top of Bolster: 42.5”

Equipped With:
6” T-Slotted Bolster
T-Slotted Slide
8-Point Gibbing
Twin End Drive / Single Back Geared
Omni Link Controls
Vibration Pads
Light Curtains
Palm Buttons

Approximate Dimensions: 160” L-R x 93.5” F-B x 168” High
Estimated Weight: 60,000 lbs

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