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(1) Used 250 Ton Bliss Straight Side Press (M#10470)

MODEL: HP2-250-60-42
YEAR: 1973
Capacity: 250 Ton
Stroke: 8”
Shut Height: 18”
Slide Adjustment: 4”
Bed Area: 60” L-R x 42” F-B
Slide Area: 60” L-R x 36” F-B
Speed: 55 - 110 SPM Variable Speed
Windows: 27” Wide x 22” High

Equipped With:
Free Standing Control Console
Operator Palm Button T-Stand
Wintress Clutch / Brake Control
Air Clutch & Brake
(4) Air Counterbalances - Rebuilt w/new seals and packing
New Ross Air Valve
5” T-Slotted Bolster Plate
T-Slotted Slide
Light Curtains
Isolator Pads

Available for additional cost
12” x ,156” CHS Model DRF-312 Press Mounted Servo Feeder
Year: 2003
Floor Standing Control Panel
Air Operated Pilot Release
Jog Forward / Reverse
Uniop HMI Interface
Yaskawa Servo Drive
Excelerator Servo Index Panel
Selector Switches