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(1) Used 300 Ton Danly Four Point Straight Side Press (M#10446)

MODEL: E4-300-58-120
YEAR: 1946
Capacity: 300 Ton
Stroke: 30”
Shut Height: 52” S.D.A.U. Over Bed
Adjustment: 10”
Bed Area: 120” L-R x 58” F-B
Slide Area: 115” L-R x 58” F-B
Speed: 15 SPM
Windows: 45” Wide x 16” High

Equipped With:
Rolling Bolster Front to Back
Air Counterbalances
Air Clutch & Brake
Palm Button Controls
Wintriss Smartpac

Approximate Overall Dimensions: 162” L-R x 100” F-B