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(1) Preowned US Baird / Nilson 3F Fourslide Machine (M#10184)

YEAR: 1988
US Baird / Nilson S 3F Multislide
3/16” Capacity
New: 9/88
Max Diameter of Wire: 3/16”
Max Width of Stock: 2”
Max Length of Feed: 15”
Max Tonnage for Press: 20 Ton
Stroke of Press: 1”
Die Set: 16-1/4”
Length and Width Die Space: 16” x 3-3/8”
Opening in Bed: 8-1/2” x 6-1/2”
Speed Range: 32 - 130 SPM
Motor: 3 HP, 230 Volt ACVS Eddy Current
Floor Space: 61” x 95”
Approx Weight: 4925 Lbs

Stock Straightener
Slide Feed Mechanism
Stock Cutoff
Center Form Post w/ Vertical Stripper Arm
Vertical Form Lifter Arm
Oil Cup Lubrication System
Shell Cams
Double Gibbing
Electric Clutch & Brake
Pan Type Base
Push Button Control Station
Safety Stop Circuit
Control Panel